MOOCs relating to study skills

medium_8414406177My colleague Tamsyn Smith (@TamsynMSmith) has just compiled a useful summary of MOOCs that might help students develop their study skills. This is a summary of courses that have been available so far; some may not be currently live or have future versions scheduled, so do use with caution if referring students to them. Do you know of any others?

photo credit: he-sk via photopin cc


Developing your research project

English for study

Preparing for uni

Academic Integrity

Blackboard Coursesites

Study Skills for Academic Success

Preparing for Postgraduate Study

Head Start Plus

Computer Basics

Basic Math MOOC

Canvas Network

College readiness: Reading, writing and math

Technical math for industry

Employability skills for industry

Learning to learn online


Think again: how to reason and argue

Learning how to learn: powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects

Critical thinking in global challenges

Questionnaire design for social surveys

How to succeed in college

Metaliteracy: empowering yourself in a connected world

Communication in the 21st century workplace

High impact business writing

Statistics: making sense of data

Introduction to public speaking

Ignite your everyday creativity


Principles of written English: and

Lots of introductory maths/algebra/geometry/calculus courses


Public speaking – join the talk and spread the word

Idea generation methods

Critical thinking – reason and fair play in communication

Design thinking online course


Success – unleash yourself

Numbers for life


Negotiation and conflict resolution

Writing for the web


Learning to learn: You and your learning

How to be a critical reader

Stanford Online

How to learn math: for students

Statistical learning

Introduction to mathematical thinking

Adventures in writing

Scientific writing


Mainly introduction to computing courses


There’s a range of courses here. Some are free, but many are not.

Example: How to pass exams


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