ALT-C Reflections on Day One


It was an early (5am) start yesterday, with a 7am flight from Southampton to Manchester for this year’s annual conference of the Association for Learning Technologists. With a full schedule of talks until 5.45pm followed by a Gala dinner at 6.45pm I was hoping for a plentiful supply of coffee. There is an element of gameification to the conference this year, more detail about the evil machinations of Darkbot here and, although I was initially skeptical about it, the game has been fun and effective at promoting engagement. It’s been a great icebreaker for me and the Darkbot Twitter account has been very entertaining.

On to the talks though and the Keynote for day one was Prof Steve Wheeler. I liked the inclusion of students as co-presenters and the student voice is still frequently a missing component at events I go to. I’m not sure I agreed with all that was said; and in this modern age it was reassuring to find like-minded opinions in the audience via the Twitter feed…as a previous suffer of imposter syndrome it was a real confidence boost for developing my thoughts and ideas.

I will update this post with further links and reflections as time allows since WordPress on an iPad is not the smooth experience I expected. I’ll also be storifying the conference.

Engaging learners in computer-based summative exams

Do we need instructional designers?

Peer to peer learning using Peerwise

Pixellation: the key for collaborative online education

Augmented reality meets action research

I wasn’t able to attend all of the sessions; the Exploring our Oceans MOOC is live and required some attention. Unreliable wifi was an issue for this and for following the conference but hopefully that won’t be a problem today for Day 2. I’m presenting with a colleague in the afternoon session today and I’m hoping that the nefarious Darkbot won’t turn his eye on us!


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