What can an ILIaD Learning Designer do for you?

You may have already worked with the talented ILIaD multimedia team to develop high quality resources (for more about their fantastic work see their showreel), but how much do you know about our Learning Design team and what we can do for you?

The Institute for Learning, Innovation and Development is home to 4 Learning Designers; myself, Tamsyn Smith, Alex Furr and Adam Warren. The team has over 40 years of experience in working in HE, mainly in the field of learning technology. Our academic backgrounds (let’s not add those numbers to our HE experience!) include Earth Sciences, Humanities and Pharmacology, and qualifications include a PCGE,  2 PhDs, and C-MALT. Between the four of us we have most of the top 100 tools for education 2015 covered, and have varying degrees of experience of those within the team. 

We all have different backgrounds and areas of expertise, but collectively you could think of us as…


…your friendly neighbourhood spiderman. We’ve got skills. We’ve got some great tech up our sleeves and we’re here to help! On occasion we can be a bit geeky. We won’t be in costume though. We promise. One of our aims is to help you to adopt appropriate, well-designed enhancements to the work that you already do, to improve the student experience and your working practice (for you).

A recent paper in Research in Learning Technology provides an excellent overview of assuring best practice in technology-enhanced learning environments. The authors state that ‘the dissemination of project innovations, experiences and findings from learning and teaching projects has an important role in improving sector-wide practice’. Our second aim as Learning Designers within ILIaD is to raise awareness of existing practice across the University (and beyond), thereby enabling institution-wide change.

We are horizon scanning new developments in technology, keeping up to date with education research and good practice developments, and then condensing it into timely bites of information for our growing community of practice at the University of Southampton. We work with academics and teaching teams to bring you innovative (and tried and tested) tools for technology enhanced learning. If you would like to do more, but can’t find the time amongst all of the other demands on you, then we work with you to provide scaffolded support. Training for, and further information about, University-supported systems is provided by iSolutions, but if you want to know more about why certain tools are of benefit, how best to apply them to your discipline, or what your colleagues are doing in the same area, then that’s where we can help.

In consultation with you, the Learning Design team can:

  • Enhance your Virtual Learning Environment for students (Blackboard or other).
  • Assist with course re-designs from module to programme-level.
  • Work in collaboration with our multimedia team to provide you with high quality resources.
  • Help to migrate & design paper-based assessments for an online environment.
  • Arrange bespoke staff development sessions in a number of technologies.
  • Provide informal individual coaching in the use of various technologies.
  • Provide a comprehensive handover to give you skills development and independence.

There’s more, but why not drop us a line and have a chat about what you currently do…and what you would like to?


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